Motion Sickness At Bay – Peppermint Oil

Peppermitn essential oil is known to curb the problem of motion sickness. I dcant comment on anay other other thing but this problem can be really digusting for the co-traveller. I have faced a pretty horrible incident myself.

Peppermint essential oil is another oil that has been used for centuries by many ancient cultures mainly because of its many digestive health properties.

It also helps the respiratory system and circulation, and is an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic.

Peppermint oil is used to flavour toothpaste, medicines and of course many types of sweets!

Peppermint even keeps mice, fleas and ants away!

Peppermint essential oil is traditionally used for stomach upsets. It has an anti-spasmodic action which makes it helpful with colic, indigestion, diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach pain. Dilute well and use as an aromatherapy massage over the stomach and abdomen in a clockwise direction. Drinking peppermint tea also helps!

Helps relieve nausea so can be used for sea and travel sickness.

Good for getting rid of bad breath.

It is warming and stimulating and valuable for helping colds, flu and fevers. Up to 3 drops in a bath can help if you feel like you are coming down with something. It also works well when blended with lavender or marjoram. Cold compresses of peppermint (or once again peppermint blended with lavender!) on the temples and forehead can help relieve headaches. Can sometimes help with migraine.

Use as a steam inhalation for clearing your nose and sinuses.

Peppermint essential oil will clear the head making you feel fresh and bright.

Can be used as an emergency treatment for shock – put a few drops on a tissue or inhale directly from the bottle.

Very soothing and cooling for tired feet. It also makes a refreshing bath oil for cooling down your body in the summer.

Rats, mice and insects do not like the strong smell of peppermint. Sprinkle some drops along their runs and hopefully they will disappear! Also good as a mosquito deterrant.

Peppermint oil is a very refreshing skin tonic – but use in moderation. It can help relieve skin irritations but at the same time can irritate sensitive skin! Can be used to clean and decongest the skin if you suffer from acne. Its mild antiseptic action helps control the bacteria on the surface of the skin.

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